Choose a natural sponge to wash your beloved pets with a soft caress!

There are many reasons to choose a sea sponge:

– the feeling of a caress is absolutely unique.

– due to its natural properties, the sponge holds water and releases it under slight pressure.

– it is an ecological product that preserves the environment: a drop of bubble bath is sufficient to generate a soft and abundant foam and the consumption of detergents is thus considerably reduced.

Our sea sponges are a purified natural and ecological product, with a neutral pH.

Important: due to its dense fabric, the purified sponge can retain small marine residues.

Instructions: rinse the sponge thoroughly after use under running water and allow it to dry completely. Do not soak the sponge in hot water (+ 50 ° C).

If your concern is to make it sterile after a particular use, the sponge can be soaked in water with a spoonful of antibacterial disinfectant commercially available, for about an hour.

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