The sponges are very soft to the touch. If used from the first months of baby's life, the sponge gently caresses the skin and protects it from allergic reactions.. Even particularly sensitive skin recognizes the quality and pleasantness of its massage.
The feeling of a caress is absolutely unique.
Due to its natural properties, the sponge holds water and releases it under slight pressure.
The use of sea sponges preserves the environment: a drop of bubble bath is sufficient to generate a soft and abundant foam and the consumption of detergents is thus considerably reduced.
Our sea sponges are a purified natural and ecological product, with a neutral pH and are dermatologically tested.
Important: due to its dense fabric, the purified sponge can retain small marine residues.
Instructions: rinse the sponge thoroughly after use under running water and allow it to dry completely. Do not soak the sponge in hot water (+ 50 ° C)
If your concern is to make it sterile after a particular use, the sponge can be soaked in water with a spoonful of antibacterial disinfectant, for about an hour.